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{Bout of Books 9.0} Challenge: Book Staging

Book: The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen








I chose the backdrop for this staging based on the second main female lead in this novel, Chloe Finley. The bookshelf is significant because Chloe has a very unique relationship with books--they follow her around whether she likes it or not according to her mood or events in her life.  The red cardigan hanging from the bookshelf is in honor of Josey Cirrini, the main character--this is her "lucky red cardigan."  The letters and package on the bookshelf represent Josey's love interest in the novel, Adam Boswell.  Adam is the mailman in the town of Bald Slope, North Carolina where this story takes place.  One of the letters is addressed to Josey from Della Lee Baker, the local girl secretly living in Josey's closet.  The second letter is to Josey's mother Margret and even though there is not an return address, I like to believe it is from her secret lover.  The package, which most likely is a book, is addressed to Chloe Finley from the Zelda Cramdon, who original owner of the house Chloe buys.   


In front of the bookshelf, I laid out cotton filling to represent the snow that is almost ever present in the novel (the story is set in the mountains of North Carolina in a ski resort town).  Around the book, I placed various candies mentioned in book.  Each one of the chapters in the book is named after a type of candy.  I chose the following candies/chapters to use in this staging: Chapter 1--Everlasting Gobstoppers, Chapter 2--Sweet Tarts, Chapter 4--Sno Caps (sprinkled above the book), Chapter 5--Lemon Drops (sprinkled here and there), Chapter 6--Sour Patch, Chapter 7--Sugar Daddy, Chapter 8--Jawbreakers, Chapter 11--Candy Hearts (glued around a heart with the initials J.C. + A.B., which stands for Josey Cirrini and Adam Boswell), and Chapter 14--Now & Later.  Also, I sprinkled some peppermints around to represent the smell that is a constant in the Cirrini household since the maid, Helena uses peppermint oil on the window sills to ward off evil spirits. 


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