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{Bout of Books 9.0} Challenge: Double Date Books



A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff and The Secret Lives of Dresses by Erin McKean

Read together because they are both contemporary books about fashion and how that relates to our lives, experiences, and personalities.  Clothes can be so much more than just simple fabric used to hide our nakedness and keep us warm.  The clothing we buy, wear, and hoard can speak volumes about who we are as a person.  Both of these books do an amazing job of examining this concept.  They are both light reads and very enjoyable. Also,I found the differing locations of each novel to be an added benefit to the double date idea. After getting to know about vintage fashion in London (A Vintage Affair), you can hop across the pond and get to know about the fashionable lives of dresses in North Carolina (The Secret Lives of Dresses).  I highly recommend you engaging in this fun and enlightening book double date!



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