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I am a bookaholic and I admit I have a problem, but I do not want help resolving this problem because honestly it's an amazing problem that involves an ever-expanding library with thousands of tales to be read.

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{Bout of Books 9.0} Challenge: Introduce Someone to Your Favorite Genre

As many of friends will admit, I will read anything and everything at least once.  I feel like every genre, every book, every story, and every author should be given at least one opportunity to entertain me and persuade me to read more. 


Also, I tend to read one genre for several weeks or months before moving on to something new.  I went through a phase of reading only steampunk romance for almost 2 months.  Then, I went through a phase of reading only Jane Austen books and various adaptations of her work (modern version, imagined sequel, paranormal Jane Austen, etc)…that lasted for about 6 months.  Then, I had a stint only reading Downton Abbey-esque books (historical romance from the early twentieth century). 


However, my most absolute favorite genre to read no matter what is historical mystery/suspense.  I love reading about the past and adding mystery and suspense just keeps me coming back for more.  Within this genre my tastes vary from the light-hearted quirky side, such as Her Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen to the dark gothic undertones of The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.  These books embody what I love most about this genre.  The female heroines are loveable and I can relate to some part of them even though they lived in a time I will never know.  These tales are always thought-provoking, gripping, and romantic (sometimes tragically).  No matter what, I know I can pick up a book from this genre, read it, and take away something new (whether it be details from that time period, insights into the human psyche, or just a greater appreciation for all of the progress that has been made in regards to women’s rights).


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