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{Bout of Books 14} TBR & Reading Challenges

After my success with the BookTube-A-Thon, I have decided to give myself some reading challenges to complete throughout the week to encourage more reading. To be honest, I might not meet all of these challenges because this week will be hectic for me...going back to work after a week of vacation and making preparations for a big event coming up this weekend...but I am going to try...really try!  So, here are the challenges I came up for myself: 

1. Read a book you really want to read.

Since I didn't get a chance to read this one during the BookTube-A-Thon and I recently acquired the second book in this series, it has increased my desire to jump into it. 


The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror & Goliath by Ishbelle Bee



2. Finish a series.

I started this series during the BookTube-A-Thon and I am really loving it, so I would like to finish the last two books in this series this week.

Iron Kin & Fire Kin by M.J. Scott


3. Listen to an Audiobook.

I have had this on my TBR list for a while now and my library has it on audiobook that I can download on my iPad, so I decided to give it a try.  I have never listened to a complet audiobook and I am a little worried about this challenge because I am not an auditory person, but I am willing to give it a try.  And since it is a YA book, I am hoping it might be easier to listen to. 

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher 


4. Read a book from the genre you've read the least of this year.

I started this book about a year and half ago and really liked it, but just never finished it.  So I am going to have another go.  I have the physical book and I also checked-out the audiobook from my library to help me along. I generally do not read a lot of nonfiction for pleasure because I read so much of it for work, so I thought this would be a good challenge.

How Children Succeed by Paul Tough


5. Re-read a book.

Anne of Green Gables is my all-time favorite book and I have been really wanting to re-read this series.  What better time to start than during this read-a-thon, right?

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


6. Read a that you have never read before written by your favorite author.

As state above, Anne of Green Gables is favorite book and likewise L.M. Montgomery is my favorite author.  I have not read this volume and I am very excited to read something new from my favorite author. 

Chronicles of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery


7.  Read seven books.

This is just an extra book in case I do not read the above mentioned books.

The Contrary Tale of the Butterfly Girl by Ishbelle Bee